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A high-prestigious company providing tours, cruises in Halong Bay

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 Vietnam Halong Tour  has come a long way since its beginnings in 1999. From two  friends, a typewriter and a bookbinder , it is now a proud member of VietNam Tourism, taking over 10,000 travellers every year.

Halong Tour Vietnam is part of VietNam Tour Organization, alongside leading small group adventure companies  
Despite growing into a global business with over 100 staff based all over the world and over 80 different trips across every zone of VietNam, we’ve remained devoted to the same grassroots values and responsible travel philosophies that we had at the very beginning.
 On every trip we operate and in every interaction we have with a client, supplier or local, we live our core values everyday:
  •  Integrity – Doing the right thing
  •  Responsible – Think global, act local
  •  Growth – Stakeholders in our own success
  •  Innovation – Thriving on new ideas and embracing change
  •  Fun – It’s engrained into who we are and what we do
  •  Passion – We are inspired by the work we do and the tours we offer
Our travellers have three styles of tour to choose from: Basic, Original and Comfort. Each has a different level of inclusions and accommodation, but all have unforgettable real life experiences as part of the package. Travellers can also choose many kind of cruises, such as Honeymoon Group or Private Sailboats, Family , Solo traveller, to suit their interests.

  •  Spend our years of experience on your week of enjoyment.

From our offices in VietNam, our team always beside you throughout zone. We make sure you always have an exceptional experience.

  •  If loving deals is wrong, we don't want to be right.

Getting a great deal makes a fantastic trip even better. So naturally, we offer great deals. In fact, many of our deals can't be found anywhere else. And we'll save you the time of trying with our low price guarantee. Now your wallet can relax like it's on vacation, too.

  •  Find out of your way places without going out of your way

Halong-tours.net, it's all about making things easier for you. You want to pre-book your trips at home from a laptop? You've got it. You want to book on the go, in your destination, from your phone or mobile device? No problem.Halong-tours  you get insider access, however you'd like to access it.

  • Don't believe us? See what real travelers have to say.

We can't be everywhere every day, but our customers can. For the latest scoop, nothing beats a review or photo posted by someone who was just there. They have traveled with us and they have opinions you'll want to hear.

 - Join with us to remote places in Viet Nam for charity fund

 All of the tours and travel serivces customers booked with us, we would cut 5% for Charity. Each 3 months or 1/2 years, we would arrange a trip go to the poor villages, poor family, SOS villages, ... bring the clothes, shoes, books, note book, shool bags, rice, ... We would do all we can for them. That means customers, travelers visiting vietnam also bring the better life for the vietnamese. 

*** It can be a simple ''Thanks for the help'' note or small actions, gifts. A brief, handwritten note may be remembered for a lifetime, and may even change a life. 


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