Visa to VietNam

Visa to VietNam

visa vietnam

In order to enter Vietnam, foreigners are required to possess valid travel documents, including passport and visa. The truth is that Vietnam government is not strict in procedure of acquiring visa, so that international travelers can find that easy to apply and get this document for their entry to Vietnam

Visa Application

Visa to Vietnam is issued by Vietnam Department of Immigration via Vietnamese Embassies and consulates all over the world, as well as oversea offices of Vietnam Airlines and some appointed travel agencies.
There are two methods to obtain visa to Vietnam:

- In normal method, travelers can submit their application directly to the closest Vietnam Embassies and Consulates. The applications consist of valid passport, filled application form (which can be obtained from the embassy’s website), two photos with dimension of 4x6cm and a required fee. Fee and procedures at each embassy might be different, so applicants are recommended to contact the embassies first for detail process before submitting the application. This method takes 5 to 7 days in general to process and return the visa.

- In case of urgent visa or not desire to send passport away, foreigners can also apply online for visa on arrival, which is supplied by several private companies that have agreement with Vietnam Department of Immigration to issue this type of visa. Travelers are only required to provide passport detail and fill in an online application. After 2 – 4 days processing (even 8 hours in case of urgent application), applicants receive the “Approval Letter”, which allows them to enter Vietnam by air and they can have the visa stamp at Vietnam’s Airports. The fee for this service is normally cheaper than normal method, but visa on arrival is only valid for those who enter Vietnam by aviation (via one of three airports including Noi Bai International Airports, Tan Son Nhat International Airport and Danang International Airport)

Duration of entry

In general, duration of visa entry to Vietnam is 30 days (1 month) or 90 days (3 months). Travelers are able to extend when they arrive, and those who intend to leave Vietnam and then return can apply for multiple visa entry, with required information of arrival and departure ports, as well as date of travel.

Visa Fee:
1 - O­ne-month Single-entry Visa: US$15/person
2 - O­ne-month Multiple-entry Visa: US$30/person
Note: The above rate does not cover Visa Stamp Fee pay directly at the arrival airport to immigration officers: US$ 45/Single Entry or US$ 65/Multiple Entries
Apply Visa with us (Get Free Visa to Vietnam)
We make the visa process easy and provide you with free Vietnam visa approval when you travel with us. Once you book your tour with us, we make all the necessary preparations for your Vietnam Visa Approval Letter for no additional charge and send it to you by fax or e-mail. 
Once you’ve received your Visa Approval Letter you have two options through which to obtain your Vietnam visa: To save your time at the Immigration, you should print our fill this VISA FORM in advance.

Option 1: Take your Vietnam visa approval letter and get the visa stamp at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in your home country.
Option 2: Get your visa on arrival at the airport in Vietnam. Visa on arrival is the easiest option, especially if you are pressed for time or have no Vietnamese Embassies in your area. Just bring a copy of your visa approval letter (you may be required to show this when you board the airplane) and a passport-sized photo. Upon arrival in Vietnam show these forms at the Visa on Arrival counter and pay directly to the immigration officers the stamp fee: $45 for single entry and $65 for multiple entries (in cash only).
* Please note that the visa on arrival option is not applicable to Chinese citizens. Chinese citizens will need to get their visa stamp at the Vietnamese Embassy in China before being allowed to enter Vietnam.
Choose the option that suits you best, and then send us the following information:
- Your Name (As printed in your Passport):
- Gender:
- Date of Birth:
- Passport Number:
- Expiration Date:
- Nationality:
- Date of Entry:
- Copy of your passport: (scan and e-mail)
We will submit this information to the Vietnam Immigration Office and get you your visa approval letter within 3(three) to 4(four) working days.


Visa Exemption

To some nations, Vietnamese government has a visa exemption to residences of these countries, which enables them to enter Vietnam for a specific number of date with only passport require. In case of staying for longer period, those travelers can apply for visa in either normal and on arrival method. Listed below are visa exemption times for nations by Vietnamese Department of Immigration:
- 14 days: Brunei
- 15 days: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, South Korea, Japan
- 21 days: Philippines
- 30 days: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore

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